Printing services

Do you want some cool items branded with your logo or your brand name? We also have this customization option.
We can print your design on the standard t-shirts available in our shop or we can print your design on the products you already own.

We have 3 customization options:

1. Heat transfer

Heat transfer is a process of printing blouses, sweatshirts, T-shirts using heat transfer vinyls, a cutter plotter that cuts out the design and a heat press. This method of print could have durable and long lasting results if the transfer vinyls used are high quality and are applied correctly. It is suitable for simple graphics, without many details, mostly text, images and other vectorized elements. We use Siser and Stahls heat as transfer vinyls. The heat transfer vinyl has a wide range of colours and textures, including glitter vinyls, velvet touch and plain vinyls.

This type of printing is suitable for 100% cotton items, mixture of cotton and polyester items or 100% polyester items. If you are not sure about the composition of your fabrics, the safest method for a good final result  is to test the desired vinyl on the product. Not every type of vinyl is suitable for every type of fabric. The cost of this type of print may vary depending on the design size and elements. For an accurate price estimation please send us your vector design together with the desired print dimensions, quantity and method of printing. If you do not know what print method fits your product, let us know and we will give you a feedback and a recommendation.

2. DTG directly on textiles 

Digital print it is one of the most used methods of printing garments and also the fastest. DTG, shortcut for Directly To Garment, is a printing technique that involves printing graphics directly into the fabric. Unlike other methods of printing, such as Screen Printing and Heat Transfer, where the ink creates a layer over the product, DTG prints are injected into the fabrics and are really soft on touch. For this printing method, water-based ink and an Inkjet printer are used. The best print results are obtained on 100% cotton items. For other types of fabrics, we recommend testing before. On white fabric items the ink enters directly into the fabric and for dark fabric items, a white base and a special treatment are applied before printing. This method is recommended for complex designs that have many details or colours. The maximum printing surface is 40x50cm.

3. Sublimation

We use this method for all over print items. This is a process where the fabric is printed entirely before the item is produced. Unlike other printing techniques, sublimation has many advantages - full colour image that won't crack, peel or wash away from the substrate. 

Sublimation is performed on white or very light synthetic fabrics. Sublimation is done in two steps: Printing graphics onto special paper and transferring them from paper to fabric using high temperature. The heat opens up the pores of the fabric and then with the applied pressure the ink cools and returns to a solid form. The maximum printing width is 1.5m. We use this method of printing for all over print items that involve placing the graphics individually onto the different pieces of the sewing pattern.

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If you want to customize an all over print product please contact us at or you can take a look at the standard all over print products available for order in the SHOP section.

For every chosen print method, we guarantee that your items will be printed to the highest quality standards and the prints will be durable over time.