We produce and manufacture any type of clothing item 

Are you planning a cool campaign to promote your products and do you need the right outfits for it? Are you looking for the right outfit for your event or do you want to start your own brand? Are you looking for a place where someone can perfectly understand your concept and produce your items exactly the way you imagined them? Just let us know, we're IN anytime :)

We can create and manufacture any type of clothing item starting from a simple idea, colour, theme or any element that helps us understand your project/vision and the audience it targets. From the most basic garment items to the most complex and futuristic, we can manufacture absolutely anything. T-shirts, jackets, dresses, hoodies - all types of clothing that seem possible and impossible, depending on quantity and type of product, we can choose from our partner list the right manufacturer for your project.

At this moment, we have a production capacity of up to 1000 items per week,  (variable depending on complexity of items) we ensure the quality of execution and technical details, it is equally important for the product to be perfect on the inside, not just only on the outside.

Every detail of the product matters - the devil is in the details :) - from the finest inner seams to the elements that complete the item - zipper, buttons, applications, we make sure all of those elements are premium quality and we have options that suit every budget - all of that elements were tested over time by Branders and we guarantee their quality, we take responsibility for every project we work on #branderskeepusafe

We imagine, think, sketch, draw, create the technical sketch of the product, we choose the fabrics and create the prototype/sample. We will keep you updated throughout the process and we can modify or change whatever you consider necessary, it is important to us to meet your expectations.

Our team is made of people who do their jobs with passion - graphic designer, printer, tailor - someone takes care of every process your order goes through.

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For a price quotation hello us anytime at
, we patiently discuss with you any production details of your projects. We would have liked to be able to display a price list for this category as well, but there are many details that matter and make a difference in the production of a garment, so we can only provide you a correct price list if we have all the details about your order - type of item, quantity, budget and so on.