We cool and we fresh

We turn your vision into reality 

Are you planning a cool campaign to promote your products and do you need the right custom outfits for it? Or do you need some cool custom items for your next collection? Just let us know, we are IN anytime :)

We can create and manufacture any type of clothing item starting from a simple idea, colour, theme or any element that helps us understand your project/vision and the audience it targets. From the most basic items to the most complex and futuristic, we can manufacture absolutely anything.

We imagine, sketch, draw and create the technical sketch of the product and the sewing pattern. We choose the fabrics and create the prototype. We will keep you updated through the process and we can modify or change whatever you consider necessary, it is important to us to meet your expectations. 

We offer you consultancy through the process - starting from the idea to the methods of creation, we are looking for all the variants through which technically you can have the item manufactured as you wish, it will sound terribly cliche, but we can really turn your vision into reality.

Over time, we have manufactured items we thought weren't achievable. We took over projects that we knew from the start will be challenges and we felt satisfaction as we finished them brilliantly. What is important to remember from this sentence? That there is still hope for the glittery dress with the long wings that you want for your brand :).

We are a fresh & young team familiar with the fashion industry standards, that has its own fashion brand active on the market and is passionate about fashion, art and design, being in touch with fashion trends and aesthetics, this is what we live for.

fashion design services

Benefits :

  • Dedicated exclusive designer for your project
  • Consultancy design choice. Free of charge changes up to 3 changes per project. For any additional changes, depending on the desired changes, the standard cost per hour will be charged
  • A team that takes full responsibility of your project - starting from the idea, finishing with a ready to be sold item
  • Production and manufacturing services, if you are all the way in :)

About costs :

You can see below an estimative price list, to give you an idea of how much your project could cost. We will take as an example, the creation of a collection of 10 bomber jackets

The final cost of your project may differ depending on the item type and quantity, for an accurate price estimation, please contact us :)

Product design 100 EUR 1000 EUR
Technical sketch 50 EUR 500 EUR
Fabric choice consultancy 30 EUR 300 EUR
Sewing pattern (CAD or manual) 50 EUR 500 EUR
Prototype 80 EUR 800 EUR
Grading tailoring pattern (CAD or manual) 25 EUR 250 EUR

How things work

Product design: Every product needs an idea. Every product starts from an idea. Depending on the initial theme and mood, we sketch the basic idea of your product and we outline a simulation of how the product would look like on a finished form. At this stage, we look up to fabric variants, types of cuts and fitting, decorative and functional details.

Technical Outline: This is the technical part of your product. The technical sketch of a product contains all its technical indications. From the types of stitches used, fabrics, sizes and dimensions, shapes, including also indications about the sewing pattern and how it should be created. 

Fabric choice: Not any type of fabric is suitable for any type of product. Referring to the initial idea of the design, we will choose the most suitable type of fabric for your item. We will follow the technical indications and choose a type of fabric that will suit the item.

Pattern: As you probably already know, any item to be manufactured needs a tailoring pattern. The tailoring pattern takes the idea from sketch to the finished product. Designing the pattern is the first step after having all the technical indications of the product. Its accuracy is a complex process that involves multiple changes until the product reaches the desired shape. If the pattern is not perfect, the product will never come out perfect, including the gradations. Depending on your budget and project or the quantity of items, we can make the pattern digitally, in a CAD type software or we can make it manually, if you need only a few pieces of each type of item.

Prototype: This is the part where things come to life :). The idea is materialized in a physical sample that meets all the specifications of the initial design and technical sketch. The prototype must be perfect and representative for the final shape of the product. All mass produced items are made based on a prototype. Sometimes it works well from first try, other times changes are needed :). The alterations made on a prototype will be later on modified on the technical sketch and on the design sheet.

Pattern grading: Involves turning base size patterns into additional sizes using a size specification sheet or grading increments. In short and as a example, from the basic pattern in size S built initially we will make the transformation and we will have 4 different patterns for each size - S, M ,L, XL.

Production: If you want to reach next step and mass produce your collection, we can help you with that. We guarantee competitive costs, fast delivery time and large production capacity. In order to be able to offer you the most accurate price quote, please send us more details about the project, quantity, etc.

You can always send us a hello at or here - we guarantee at least a hello back and maybe the coolest design you could have :)