You can only place an order through the contact form available on our website or via email. We do not accept orders on social networks. Thanks :)

How do we deliver?
The estimated delivery time is between 5-40 working days from the advance payment confirmation, depending on quantity and type of item. The order is considered to be valid only after the confirmation of the 50% advance payment.

The order will be delivered by a carrier and will arrive at destination in a few working days, depending on your country.
For orders above 1000 pcs, we can plan a delivery through a private delivery company.

How do I pay?
As payment options, we have the following options :

- Payment on delivery (for the difference that remained after the advance payment) - only available in Romania

- Bank deposit

! We require 50% advance payment for each project we work on. It is the simplest form to make sure that we respect each other's time, all under an agreement contract that will ensure you that your idea is safe with us and the design that you want will be delivered in established conditions and time #branderskeepusafe

I do not want the items anymore / canceling the order
Because the items are made to order and are customized, we cannot accept returns.
A placed and paid order cannot be canceled. After establishing all the details related to the order, we cannot make changes to it. The manufacturing process starts after the 50% advance payment confirmation. The initial payment is not refundable if you cancel the order. 

How do I make sure I chose the right size?
Before ordering, we advise you to take a look at the size guide. Based on your item order, you can request a size guide via email at hello@wearethebranders.com and we will be happy to help. Another thing that could guide you could be the size that the model is wearing. You can find this information on the description of each product. 

How do I take care of a product?
We want a long life for our products, which is why we recommend you to read the care instructions on the labels.

What type of products can Branders manufacture?
Our strongest point are garments. Any ideas can go through your head, from an ordinary T-shirt to the most avant-garde and strange evening or stage outfit, bags, handbags, backpacks, covers, home and deco accessories, with prints, applications, inserts, absolutely any details, just challenge us :) We can materialize any idea!

Or you can place an order for a standard custom item - you can find our selection in the Shop category.

Who do we work for?
We work with and for anyone who needs us - companies who need products for campaigns, product launches or events or for anyone who needs a product designed from scratch. But keep in mind, the minimum order quantity is 10pcs/per item.

For any suggestion, idea, greeting, send us a hello at hello@wearethebranders.com