The visual identity of your brand

Presentation matters. The first impression matters. Packaging matters. Any type of business requires a visual identity to communicate through with the public.
Visual identity is extremely important - expressing the personality, the story and the outlines of a brand, a product or a campaign. Graphic design fuels marketing strategies and conveys the message, which is why each visual element must be in line with your brand image.

Whether you run an independent project or whether you own already manufactured items that need packaging design/labels or you just want to add value to the items we have manufactured for your brand, we are here.

We can design your product labels

We know that first impression matters and the branding materials that accompany your products are often as important as the product itself. Through them you can communicate to the customer the story of your brand or the story of the product you sell.

So, we can help you with:

Textile and care labels
- often applied by sewing. This type of labels contain essential information about your brand: name, logo, country of origin, fabric composition & care instructions of the product and specific symbols. Let us know all the technical information about your items and we will design your labels accordingly and to be in compliance with the legal requirements. By law, any garment manufacturer must comply with certain mandatory requirements related to the information that must be found on the labels.

Hang tags labels - Labels that are attached to the items are the perfect method to give your customers information about your brand or product. We can design them to be simple, just with your logo or we can design them in infinite variants and dimensions. Test our creativity :)

Leaflets, flayers, brochures - Need some extra branding? Add an extra topping over the branding materials mentioned above :) Never too much for your customers - we have noticed that people react in a very positive way to anything they could receive extra with the ordered product, whether is a Thank you for the purchase note, a brochure with details about your brand or an extra discount. People like to receive. We like to receive. Try to make your message as personal as possible. Attention to details. Keep it simple, but smart.

....but in a few words: We believe in stories

We design graphics for any branding element that comes with your product

We believe in stories

Maybe not bedtime stories :) - But the ones well said. Any strong message needs an impactful visual content. Often simple things make the most sense. At least we like those. But no matter what creative visual area you prefer, we are here & we can adapt our design style to the personality of your brand.

custom branding

To make it easier to understand, we brought John

John wanted 100 pieces of zebra pattern jackets for his event, we can call it Save the Zebras Event. When the jackets were ready, John realized that it would be nice for the items to have attached zebra pattern tag labels written with Save the Zebras text. He thought it was important for the labels to fit with the overall design and for people to remember, after a while, that they have participated at that event and that it was a successful event.


John runs his own clothing brand and is preparing the launch of his next collection of products. His collection is named 7 Cats. John wants the labels from each product in his collection to be different, each label of each product outlining a different type of idea and visual content. John is looking for a team that will understand his vision and that will design 7 different illustrations, respectively 7 different hang tag  labels.

If you are in John's situation, you need to know:
  • We can design graphics for any branding element
  • We can also design any branding auxiliary element to be attached to the products that you have ordered from us or to the products you already have - the textile labels inside the product (brand or care labels), the exterior hang labels or other informative branding materials
  • Dedicated exclusive designer for your project 
  • Consultancy design choice. Free of charge changes up to 2 changes per project. For any subsequent changes, depending on the desired changes, the standard fee per hour will be charged

About costs:

The standard cost for this type of service is 50EUR/hour
Delivery time: 2 - 8 working days

We require 50% advance payment for each project we work on. It is the simplest form to make sure that we respect each other's time, all under an agreement contract that will ensure you that your idea is safe with us and the design that you want will be delivered in established conditions and time #branderskeepusafe

But as you can well imagine, everything is relative :) Maybe you just want a label with a pink pony that we can draw in 2 hours or maybe you want a pink pony with other smaller ponies on it, situation where we will need a working time of 6 hours.

In order to be able to offer you the most accurate price quotation, please send us more details about your project.

You can always send us a hello at or here - we guarantee at least a hello back and maybe the coolest design you could have :D